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"Unleashing potential means nothing less than rising above together."

Gerald Hüther

Training modules

The training program is aimed at all teachers at secondary level I and II. In order for a school to receive the School of Creative Solutions certificate, it must have teachers who have completed the two training modules listed below. Module 1 and Module 2 can be completed by different teachers in the same school.


University course "flex-based Learning"

  • For teachers of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics.
  • During the one-year online course, innovative teaching techniques from the flex-based learning program are taught and their use in one´s own teaching is tested.
  • During the course, theoretical inputs alternate with experimental online workshops. Teachers regularly reflect on their own teaching experiences in professional learning groups.
  • Year-round support and advice from didactic specialists in the natural sciences at the Upper Austrian University of Teacher Education ensure the success of the lessons.



Seminar series "Innovative Problem Solving"

  • For teachers of all subjects at secondary level I and II.
  • In the seminar series, creativity techniques are presented, tested and their use in school is discussed. Techniques such as "Design Thinking" and "Dragon Dreaming" are also taught.
  • Teachers are enabled to find and implement creative solution ideas for concrete problems with teams of students.
  • The focus is on solving problems that are related to sustainable development, such as the "Sustainable Development Goals" set by the UN.

Criteria for the certification of schools

The certificate can be obtained by all schools of secondary level I and II.


The following criteria apply:

  • Teachers at the school who have completed the modules "flex-based learning" and "innovative problem solving".
  • Implementation of STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with innovative problem solving at regular intervals.
  • Making the projects visible in the school area (school homepage, etc.) as well as on the S.C.S. homepage.
  • The certificate is valid for 3 years and can then be reapplied for.

Folder with all details

Impressions and information from the flex-based learning course 2020