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Cooperating networks

Bildung 2030

With its 17 global sustainability goals, the UN's Agenda 2030 aims to fight poverty, global injustice and the climate catastrophe, and to make the world a liveable and just place for all.

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Teach For Austria was founded in 2011. The organization is committed to educational equity and is pursuing its "Vision 2050": Every child has the chance for a good life - no matter how much money or education their parents have.

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Scientists For Future is an initiative of scientists from various disciplines who advocate for science-based climate policy. They support the student movement Fridays for Future.

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ÖKOLOG-schools are schools for well-being. They are committed to the environment and seek sustainable solutions to social, economic and ecological issues.

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IMST is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research to further develop and support school teaching. The focus is on building STEM schools and getting students interested in STEM subjects.

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