Not the wind,
but the sail determines
the direction.
(Chinese proverb)


The SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SOLUTIONS is a program for secondary schools that consider the promotion of creative problem solving skills as an essential educational task.

At the classroom level, not only does knowledge transfer play a role, but also the ability to tackle problems and find creative solutions to overcome them.

At the school level, we seek schools that are open to new ideas and are looking for alternatives to master their everyday school life.

And at the extracurricular level, we have schools in mind that take up societal challenges, form a think tank and generate creative solutions the society can benefit from.

The school program therefore contains three basic elements:






FLEX-BASED LEARNING aims to promote mental and experimental flexibility. The science subjects chemistry, physics and biology serve as supporting subjects for this purpose. Innovative teaching techniques have been developed especially for these subjects.

CREATIVE MIND serves to develop a creative personality and to increase self-confidence when it comes to solving problems, openness to new ideas, tolerance of mistakes and a “growth mindset”.

In CREATIVE PROBLEMSOLVING , real challenges are tackled on the basis of “service learning”. School teams use creativity techniques to develop innovative solutions and make them available to extracurricular institutions or other schools. By combining school learning with social responsibility, essential competencies are built up in young people.