Mag Florian Strasser (Chemie, Physik), Mag. Joachim Strasser (Chemie), Mag. Philipp Lechner (Physik), PH-Prof. Dr. Kurt Haim (Chemie). Mag. Ines Mader (Chemie), Mag. Sabine Putz-Kollmann (Biologie), DI Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer (Physik), DI Mag. Dr. Christian Kloimböck (Physik)


As members of the Didactic Centre for Natural Sciences Upper Austria, we are active as educationalists in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics at the University of Education Upper Austria.

Our field of activity is the promotion and diagnosis of scientific creativity. Our development and research projects have culminated in the teaching method “flex-based learning”, which has been integrated into textbooks and has found expression in scientific publications.

Our task is to promote, disseminate and implement divergent ways of thinking and working in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.


Specialist Didactics Centre for Natural Sciences – Upper Austria
Management: PH-Prof Dr. Kurt Haim

Headquarters: Kaplanhofstraße 40 / 4020 Linz
Country: Austria

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