Creativity means discovering,
experimenting, growing,
taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes and having fun.
(Mary Lou Cook)


It is time to redefine school.

The SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SOLUTIONS stands for schools that offer innovative teaching, that are open to new ideas in their everyday school life and that are also aware of their socially significant role. Our concept includes schools that combine learning with social responsibility and show creative commitment to the environment and fellow human beings.

In order to be able to master current and future challenges, young people need to learn to solve problems for which they have no ready-made strategies.

The willingness to learn, to try new things and to learn from mistakes are among the most important indicators of progress, peace and prosperity in a non-linear, unpredictable world.

It must therefore be the core task of schools to support young people in their development, to identify current problem fields and to generate appropriate problem solving strategies.

Our schools will be a think tank for the challenges of our time.

Let us use the potential of young people, their openness to new things, their spirit of discovery, their imagination and their vitality.