Developing potentials means nothing less than growing beyond oneself together.
(Gerald Hüther)

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In two blocks over the timespan of a school year, teachers are taught how to implement the innovative teaching techniques from the flex-based learning program in their own lessons.

As from autumn 2020, teachers will be able to choose whether they want to take part in the traditional classroom-based course or whether they want to acquire the content via e-tutorials as part of an online course.

In the course, theoretical input phases alternate with experimental workshops. In both cases, a special core element of this course is the work in professional learning groups. Teachers work together in small groups and regularly reflect on their experiences in their own lessons.

Year-round support and advice from educationalists from the natural science subjects of the PH OÖ ensures the success of the lessons.



Informations & dates

Current Course 2019/20 Next Course 2020/21
Starting Event: 3/9/19-4/9/19

Deepening & Reflection: 2/3/20 – 3/3/20

Award of Certificate: 28/9/20

Location: Upper Austrian University of Education, Linz, Huemerstr. 3-5
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Chat-Room Biology

Chat-Room Chemistry

Chat-Room Physics


Starting Event: 10/9/20-11/9/20

Deepening & Reflection: 1/3/21-2/3/21

Award of Certificate 4/10/21

Location: Upper Austrian University of Education, Linz, Huemerstr. 3-5

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