Creative Problem Solving

It must be an essential task in the educational process to lead people to a great mental flexibility so that they can develop successful solutions for unknown problem situations.
Schmidkunz, 2003)

Based on the idea of “service learning”, the students deal with real challenges in class and develop innovative solutions

Young people learn how to approach real problems in a concrete way. In accordance with the typical phases of a creative process, challenges that are relevant to school are dealt with using creativity techniques. These real problems can stem from the school itself, from other national or international schools or from the immediate environment such as the community and institutions.

CREATIVE PROLEMSOLVING aims at generating creative solutions. The extent to which a school also strives to implement them depends on the resources available.

In the future, the Upper Austrian University of Education (PH OÖ) will act as a platform to coordinate the network of SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SOLUTIONS. The aim is to ensure that these schools are not left alone with their challenges but can rely on the expertise of other schools.