Creative Mind

The aim of developing a CREATIVE MIND is to awaken a creative spirit. The training and promotion of a creative personality and mindset are therefore the main focus here.


With the help of Dr. Carol Dweck’s program, the “growth-mindset” is awakened. Therefore, personality traits such as determination, error tolerance and the conviction that future problems can be solved are trained.


With the help of the concept of Embodiment, attributes such as openness to new things, mindfulness and the courage to take new paths are promoted. Embodiment emphasizes the interaction between body and psyche. Posture, movement and muscle tension have a significant influence on emotional and cognitive states such as thinking styles, judgement, attitudes and self-confidence.

Techniques such as asynchronous movements, meditation, Qigong and juggling are used here.


Qigong is a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, concentration and movement. In addition to strengthening physical fitness, Qigong leads to a calming of the mind, physical and mental relaxation and thus to increased attentiveness.

In the following Qigong tutorial, 18 exercises from the 1st Shibashi set are presented on the basis of 9 videos. Additionally, each video starts with a few thoughts on how the philosophy of Qigong can help to unfold one´s own creative potential.

Qigong tutorial to strengthen a creative personality

Here you can find a recommended music list for the Qigong exercises.

Entry Video
Topic: Qigong mind – The concept of embodiment


Qigong tutorial  with 18 exercises out of the Shibashi set 1


Topic Practice
1 -Qigong – What it is, what it does and how to practice it! Overview of all 18 exercises of Shibashi Set 1
2 – Dan Tien – About the Qi-Centres Exercise 1 (Awaken your Qi) & 2 (Open your chest)
3 – Switching off your senses – increasing mindfulness Exercise 3 (The dance in the rainbow) & 4 (Rolling arms)
4 – The power of silence – the special nature of nothingness Exercise 5 (Cross hands) & 6 (Rowing in a calm lake)
5 – Letting go of ratings Exercise 7 (Lifting the sun with one hand) & 8 (Charging the moon)
6 – Releasing definitions Exercise 9 (Defense with the hands ) & 10 (Playing with the clouds)
7 – The principle of Wuwei – About flow in the creative process Exercise 11 (Scooping from the sea), 12 (Playing with the waves), 13 (Spreading its wings) 14 (The energy pulse)
8 – Yin & Yang – The two sides of creative people Exercise 15 (Flying like an eagle), 16 (Circling like a windmill), 17 (Playing with the ball, like a child), 18 (Lowering the Qi)
9 – Finale
The complete Shibashi set 1 with 18 exercises and 6 repetitions